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I have been passionate about classical architecture and art my entire adult life, and I have read the classics on the arts. Leon Battista Alberti’s masterful treatise on architecture, On the Art of Building in Ten Books, written over 500 years ago during the Italian Renaissance, in particular, has had a major influence on my interior design work. The theme that courses throughout Alberti’s treatise, and which is the summation of the entire classical tradition, is that whatever the questions about the building design, whether it is structure or aesthetics, Nature is always the source for the answers.


My education is a Bachelor of Fine Arts in interior design from The University of Kansas. My professional experience is extensive, from interior design, sales, and project management to residential general contracting. My comprehensive background enables me to guide a project in totality, from creation of the interior design through construction and installation.



I offer a wide range of services from room makeovers and color consultations to kitchen and bath remodels and full service interior design. I work with all sizes of budgets. I take on both Residential and Commercial projects.

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