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Classical Design Book

I have written a nonfiction book titled Recovering Harmony and Beauty: Classical Design. My book provides a holistic, multifaceted approach to interior design based on the Western classical tradition of architecture passed down from Ancient Greece, the Western philosophy that underpins this tradition, and correlations in Eastern philosophy. The ancient texts discuss architecture, not interior design, so I have provided my own interpretation of how the ancient wisdom applies to interior design. 


I have had interest in the book from literary agents and book publishers, but no offers have been forthcoming. If you work in the publishing industry or know someone who does, and this project sounds interesting to you, please contact me. The manuscript has been completed.


Excerpt from Chapter 10: Harmony Brings Beauty and Peace

One of my defining transformative experiences with a harmonious building was with a beautiful Roman temple. I visited the Pantheon in Rome for the first time years ago, on a balmy September afternoon. Walking towards the ancient temple, I was struck with how alive and approachable it seemed, as if it were a human being, rather than a building, beckoning me to step inside. My defenses dropped as I crossed the entrance threshold and dipped into the coolness of the columned portico. Rows of giant, pearly grey and pink granite columns, crowned with exotic, acanthus leaf capitals, glowed enticingly in the dimly lit atmosphere and I sensed that I had found a place of refuge. 

      I continued walking forward and entered with amazement into the radiance of the unobstructed, domed interior space. I spun in circles absorbing the panoramic view of the colorful, marble columned niches, graced with sculptures and paintings of noble Christian saints. I gradually looked higher to the elaborate panels and cornices that defined the spring of the enormous coffered dome, and then higher still to the oculus at the top, sitting serenely in the center. I stood in silence and watched the sky change its mood like a change of clothing. Sunlight streamed down from the heavens, like a proclamation from almighty God and struck the lower part of the dome, leaving mystical patterns of shadow and light in its wake. 

      I returned a week later for another visit and was promptly greeted by a thunderstorm and the spectacular sight of huge sheets of rainwater pouring through the oculus and cascading across the ornamented marble floor below. 

      The mystery of that harmonious building with its vast, beautiful interior space, and the eternal moments that I spent there, still resound throughout my life today.

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